Monika´s ultimate Spanish picnic

Picnics really call for Spanish food as so much of what the Spanish produce is made to last and is easy to transport, plus it is so full of flavour! Here’s what Monika Linton from Brindisa would recommend as her ultimate Spanish picnic. All available from Ocado. 

Essentials for Monika are: Sarriegui olive oil crisps – thin as butterfly wings and elegantly salted and with a pure flavour of potato and olive oil. Pairing well with Estrella Galicia Cerveza Lager.

Brindisa iberico ham and Salchichon in sliced packs are perfect, as it has time to warm up to be meltingly good with marcona almonds and bread picos sticks. 

To accompany all of the above, black empeltre and green manzanilla olives can be drained and mixed in a bowl to conclude your aperitivo foods. Unless you want to prepare your own Gildas and take them ready on cocktail sticks – just put a boquerón or anchovy with a couple of olives on a stick! Perfectly paired with a refreshing Estrella Galicia Cerveza Lager

Dip your bread picos sticks into Ortiz tuna, perfectly pairing with 1906 Reserva Especial.

And to finish off with something sweet, I would always take a tarta de Santiago to slice, pairing beautifully with 1906 Black Coupage

Spanish picnic ingredients:

– Sarriegui olive oil crisps

– Brindisa iberico ham and Salchichon in sliced packs

– Marcona almonds

– Bread picos sticks

– Black empeltre and green manzanilla olives

– Boquerón or anchovies

– Ortiz tuna

– Tarta de Santiago

– Estrella Galicia Cervaza Lager 

– 1906 Reserva Especial

– 1906 Black Coupage