Beer Culture

Raw Material Selection

The secret to the success of our beers lies in the meticulous care and attention to detail that we apply to every beer. We use top quality raw materials to create a unique beer, with personality and traits that awaken the senses: through taste, aroma, colour and brightness.

In Estrella Galicia we share a passion for beer brewing. Our beer culture goes back four generations of producing beers with passion and care.


Pure, low level of hardness and good mineral balance.

This ingredient is of utmost importance, firstly because it is the main component of the product, about 94% and also because it is one of humanity’s greatest natural assets. This is why we are committed to reducing consumption by using it consciously and investing in technology to optimize our production.


Malt: We use Pilsen malt and special malt to create a unique beer, with personality and characteristics that awaken your senses through taste, aroma, colour and brightness.

Corn: Some of our recipes can contain up to 25% corn, in order to bring notes of freshness and lightness to the palate.


Fundamental to define the characteristics of the beer: the bitterness, stability and quality of the foam. They all revolve around this indispensable material, since, thanks to its antioxidant properties, hops are a natural preservative.

Varieties in our recipes.

All premium quality and from the following origins: German Perle Hallertau, Czech Sladek and a Galician variety of Nugget.


Highly important micro-organisms in the production of beer. They are responsible for turning the beer wort into beer, through the transformation of fermentable sugars into alcohol and CO2.

Yeast is directly responsible for the characteristics on the taste and aroma of the final product.

We use a variety of yeast from the species Sacchromyces uvarum that we store in a yeast bank in Germany.

We care about hops. Our beers are made with Premium quality hops from several origins.
And we also grow and research our own hop vines in Galicia.